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About Pegamento

The idea to found Pegamento arose in 2009 and was rooted in the telecom sector in which our company, Newtell Essence at that time, was a major supplier of equipment to large customer contact centers. We noticed that many employees in the customer contact business knew much more about their customers than they were actually aware of.

A mishmash of systems and customer data

The main question was: how do employees find all they need to know about their customers in the mishmash of systems within the organization? And how can they apply this knowledge to attend to their customers in the best possible way, so that both the customer and the organization are completely satisfied? Besides, it was obvious that support tools were too generic and not developed as optimum workflows. And finally, the existence of (complicated) system technology refrained employees from making suitable customer proposal.

Customer data close at hand

Therefore, Pegamento developed solutions based on customer information which is already available within business (IT) systems. More often than once, we not only optimize front office prosesses, but also improve back office processes, or the other way round. With literally one click, all customer data are close at hand.

To achieve optimization, we work closely with our partners Nice en Mendix. Pegamento's own research and development  department is continually developing new software with our own, refreshing view on interaction, user interface usage and context based working.