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Pegamento focuses on the optimization of customer interactions with the aim to perform them smarter and in less time, but with higher quality and closer personal attention to the customer. Any gaps in the chain of interactions are bridged.

Customers increasingly expect a First-Time-Fix, in which cases must be settled at the front end! This requires a need for contextually right information. Employees feel more self-confident and have more influence on completing their tasks of leading customer calls to optimal result.

Pegamento empowers customer advisors with the exact tools to achieve what these experts want like nobody else: optimal customer contact.

System complexity

One of the risks is the wide variety and - often - high complexity of source systems. Employees are required to spend precious time wrestling through loads of applications and processes in order to complete a relatively easy task, at least in the eyes of the customer. They need to know exactly how these systems operate, where they can find their information and how to make the right interpretation.

"Shell" on the desktop

Pegamento brings the data required from these systems together into a 'shell' on the desktop. This shell communicates with the underlying systems. A big advantage is that employees only need to enter customer contact data once in one place, instead of several times in several places. Customer advisors or call center agents are thus enabled to get into 'real contact' with the customer, improving the customer's experience with the organization. Besides, an efficient and pleasant conversation reduces the Average Handling Time (AHT) and frees time to generate cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Pegamento delivers intelligent products and solutions which support your employees with applications to complete their complicated tasks.

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