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Get acquainted with our working method

Pegamento focuses on the development of customer contact processes in closes relation to your business objectives. Based on business analysis, we determine the potential to improve your business processes. After that, we outline the ideal customer process for each business objective in close consultation with you and/or your project team.

These customer processes are implemented in a new application - a so-called 'shell - on the screens used by your employees. Not only does the application optimize work processes, but also adapts work screens to the employee's wishes. Source data are always - randomly and relevantly - retrieved from your own source system.

All your data are - basically - already there

By using your existing, complex system technology and thus all your data, we are able to achieve changes fast and adequately. Whether these systems are obsolete or of different types, like a switchboard, website or the IVRs (Interactive Voice Response systems), all your data are basically already available.

But process improvements include more than technoloy alone.

Serge Poppes, CEO at Pegamento:

We are usually influenced by the IMPOSSIBLE! Focussing on what is POSSIBLE requires a shift of mind, so that technology becomes supportive again to the original request.

The Functional Designers of Pegamento assist you and your organization in implementing our solutions. Our experts take your employees by the hand and teach them to ask the right questions. This may seem trivial, but it is essential and is always surprising. Thorough questioning leads us to the heart of the matter. It initiates a creative process in which you and/or your employees break free from thinking within system limitations and conventions. It opens opportunities for out-of-the-box thinking with advanced or practical ideas directed towards solutions.

Project management methods

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Questions about our working method or project management methods?
About scrum and waterfall As project management methods we use both scrum (emerging) and waterfall (established).