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Research & Development

Pegamento's Research & Development Department makes a substantial contribution to innovation within our company. Their scope does not only include project support, but also the development and creation of innovative ideas and concepts. In addition, R&D is often involved in complex architecture issues and acts as the source of information for all technical challenges.

Take what you need, when you need it

R&D is continually developing new software with an original and refreshing view on interaction, interface usage and contextually based working. The ambition of this software is to apply a shell around all business applications, in which context is the focal point. The primary issue is that employees themselves determine how the context in the software is generated by choosing during their work what is necessary and relevant at that moment. "Take what you need, when you need it." The software tries to reflect our natural way of working in which we are used to take what we need to perform our tasks and to relate and combine them. By integrating all business applications and working within a context, we are able to support a natural and logical way of working from beginning to end. No software has ever been able to achieve this.

Prototypes of this software are very well received.

Project support

Of course, R&D integration experts are also involved in project support and advice on complex integration issues. The Pegamento R&D team is continually considering more efficient and effective ways to run projects. On a regular basis, development teams gain access to new tools developed by Pegamento, including an automatic web service code generation tool, user interface integration tools and custom connectors for integration with various applications.

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