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Your first project with Pegamento has been successfully implemented, the business case has been achieved. Both users and management experience the added value of the solution. Its Return on Ivestment is reflected in the financial figures.

Pegamento Continuous Improvement Program

Maybe you are already discussing what other benefits your organization can gain from Pegamento solution. Pegamento likes to remain involved with you and your (business) objectives.

Quarterly Business Review

Our smart, contextual solutions are easy and fast to deploy. Therefore, it is worthwhile to periodically discuss your challenges in business, IT and marketing. In this way, we can work with you to go beyond limits and re-define objectives. Co-operating with you, Pegemento conducts Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to outline a roadmap that suits you and your organization.

Functional management

Of course, Pegamento solutions must be managed, whether it is an extensive Integrated Customer View solution or a less complicated CTI link. How you perform management depends on what suits your organization. Basically, you have three options

  • in-house management;
  • mangement by Pegamento;
  • hybrid mangement with divided tasks.
For a more detailled description of these three options, please refer to functional management.

Service Level Agreement

In order to guarantee that both our organizations take care to adequately maintain the implemented solutions, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be effective, in which we mutually record how we address and solve any end user issues.


A succesful implementation is naturally followed up by training. Pegamento offers the following training programs, depending on or adapted to your circumstances:

  • end use taining;
  • administrator training;
  • decvelopers training.

For more detailled information, please refer to our  training program.

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Do you want to know more about our training program?
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