Employee showcase

At Pegamento, employees come first. We work in different teams on great projects. Meet our teams and take a look behind the scenes at Pegamento!

The customer service of Translink (OV chip card for public transport) has implemented a new system, to register and answer questions of public transport users quickly and easily. It is called TRiP, which stands for Translink Registration information Platform, and it was developed by us over a short time period.


Celebrate success!

Team building

Working together is important, especially with agile/scrum work.

Expedition customer contact

Customer service advisers are indispensable nowadays; 125,000 customer service advisers work at different companies each day. Every year they handle more than 1 billion phone calls and the multitude of emails. To put these employees into the limelight is precisely what the organization National CQ Test has done once per year since 2011. Every year, National CQ Test holds an all-day event showcasing and awarding customer service advisers. Pegamento is proud to be a sponsor of this event.


We take pride in investing in our customers, including during events.

Customer contact

Contact with our customers is important, therefore we are always available for them.

Team Zervices

For our customers, we never shy away from a challenge, not even when we are asked to escape from an escape room!

Scrum refinement

Celebrate success!

Team building

A selection of our Services scrum team

Company day out in Hoge Veluwe

An annual activity around Christmas, this time we had our company day out in the Hoge Veluwe National Park. A day full of cool workshops, including cutting down our own Christmas tree to bring home. We concluded the day with a delicious meal, which we shared with the team from our sister company Cloud Contact.

Getting acquainted

Getting to know each other better outside the workplace is important


Fun with colleagues is gratifying and ensures better results.

Cloud Contact ’Odigo Partner of the Year 2018’

Our sister company Cloud Contact was awarded the ‘Odigo Partner of the Year 2018’ prize. And we are very proud of that! According to Odigo, Cloud Contact has a unique approach with projects in customer contact centres. The experience of both customer and contact agent is of course paramount. If your company is ready for a customer contact environment in which all channels are clearly represented, visit www.cloudcontact.nl.


Receiving awards help increase brand awareness.


We truly enjoy collaborations with other companies, which also creates growth.

Dia de los bollos

Something about the Spanish language connects with us. This is mainly due to history, since ‘pegamento’ is the Spanish word for ‘glue’. When looking for a new name for our ‘BYOS day’, Bring Your Own Sandwich, we went for the ‘dia de los bollos’, or day of the buns! It is an inside joke but also an important event. The ‘Dia de los bollos’ is our quarterly meeting, where everyone in the organization gathers for a collective lunchand is informed about the latest state of affairs. We always end the day with a fun activity.

Staying up-to-date

The better informed you are, the better you can do your job.


Fun with colleagues is gratifying and ensures better results.