Hans Oeges – Account manager

Hans Oeges - Account manager

Hearing is one of the most beautiful and precious senses we have. It is a sense that stands for receiving the transmitted signal and with which so much can go wrong or right. After all, hearing is different from listening. Is this recognisable? I think it is, daily, in both private and business life.
And how often do we actually fail to understand what another person is trying to say because we "hear" but do not "listen"? In a society with an ever-shortening fuse and rapid disconnection, this is significant.

Bridging the gap between hearing and really listening is something that intrigues me immensely. In other words, truly understanding what another person is saying plus its meaning. Very human, right?
This is also why the need to robotise the communication process in business is so important. There are no interpretations; it's fast, error-free, and available 24/7; and you get an answer to the question as you ask it. Easy, right?

And if you don't want to send or receive anything for a while? Then we go in search of peace and quiet, don't we?
Wonderful, silence, nothing.

This piece was written by Hans Oeges, Account Manager at Pegamento.

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