Margreet Blans – Financial Controller

Margreet Blans - Financial Controller

Write about one sense? Then I choose intuition, although I think all the senses are important. With a financial role, you might think more about numbers and facts and, yes, mainly seeing and hearing. But in the end, it's all about feeling. That is what allows me to enjoy life, to work with pleasure, and to contribute more in my work than merely the correct figures. From the first interaction, it felt right at Pegamento; I feel right at home here, where we work together on the 'human' development in IT, the human lead.

There are so many locations to choose from where I feel good: at home, in nature, at the beach, on a cosy terrace, etc.
For LinkedIn, I have a photo that was taken in nature behind our building in Zeist. It's close to my workplace where I can enjoy focusing on figures and facts.

This piece was written by Margreet, Financial Controller at Pegamento.

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