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Share the risks in case of damages. This is how it all started in the Frisian village of Achlum in 1811. The mutual insurance society Waarborgmaatschappij Achlum then grew into today's Achmea company. More than 200 years later, Pegamento supports Achmea’s customer contact service with various solutions, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Growth ambition

Achmea’s customer service handles around two million customer contacts per year. An RPA-powered customer service was indispensable to achieve their ambitious growth plan and to support employees adequately. ‘A good contact is often compromised by a bad system,’ was one of the first things heard in the early stage of the cooperation. Pegamento then went to work to build a solution that:

  • Accelerates work processes and reduces handling time;
  • Provides insight into cross and upset opportunities;
  • Ensure that employees receive the right information at the right time.

Fast policy conversion with Desktop Automation for Achmea

Achmea used various systems that had been developed over time and were deeply rooted in the organization. Quick and flexible adjustments were not always easy in such a complex environment. Our RPA solution changed all that. Thanks to a flexible code in the shell model, part of the manual work is automated. This allows employees to help customers much faster and efficiently, letting the effective software robots take over the repetitive tasks. Some concrete examples of automated processes at Achmea:

  • Automated copy of the auto insurance certificate of coverage (green card) for a customer, which can be sent by email
  • Automated serial number retrieval from an online database, to provide immediate insurance coverage to every customer
  • Automated reading and processing of standard emails in the Achmea system
  • Automated sending of an iDEAL link by email to collect outstanding payments from customers

Substantial savings monthly

Employees can help the customers way faster, because the ‘boring’ work is done by software robots.

Approximately 30 different services active

Substantial savings per month due to higher efficiency

Substantial savings per month due to lower IT costs

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