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In 1792, Wiert Willem Sikkens established a factory for manufacturing lacquers along the Groningen city walls. In 2017, Pegamento developed a programme for Sikkens painting contractors with surprising results.

A stronger bond between painting contractors and Sikkens

AkzoNobel asked us to solve multiple problems in one go. The challenges were:

  • To protect the distribution channel
  • To foster a long term business relationship with painting contractors by:
    • Allowing painting contractors to spend less time on price quotations
    • Creating a positive cash flow for both painters and suppliers
    • Setting up an automated ordering process at Sikkens, also for affiliated partners like Boels

A customer loyalty platform that provides peace of mind

  • Automatic registration of painting contractors who continue to operate under their own management
  • A platform that handles all price quotations, orders and payments on behalf of painting contractors
  • Loyalty points for ordering company resources and nice extras

Loyal painting contractors, satisfied customers, increased profits

In six sprints (of three months) we achieved the following results with the new platform:

Less time spent on quotation management by painting contractors

More correct orders

Less time spent on quotation management

Collective savings

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