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Beer brewery

A new brewery was born on January 11, 1873 in Amsterdam. Almost 150 years later, a small company from Nieuwegein is helping the second largest beer brewing company in the world to sell more products than just beer.

Operational efficiency

This brewer mainly wanted to organize the work for employees in the customer contact centre more efficiently. Business customers receive a weekly brochure with offers. A customer profile, including a purchasing history was needed to keep track of who made a purchase and mostly, who did not.

Due to the fragmentation of customer information across multiple systems, the staff spent more time searching for customer and order data than selling to bar owners!

A single customer view, a single order view and dozens of satisfied employees

Pegamento was able to complete the wish list fairly quickly. Within a few weeks the application was live and employees had an efficient workflow, enabling them to conduct sale conversations better informed. The turnover increased in no time and conversations were much more focused on results. Business customers appreciate the fact that employees also can propose other beverages, food and non-food products during their beer purchasing order.


With this solution:

  • Searching in different systems is no longer necessary
  • The sale is faster, because repeat purchases are easily seen
  • Relevant extras can be offered, thanks to cross and pull options;
  • Specific campaigns can be micro-monitored:
    • Which customers have been called, which were not and which must be called back
    • Which customers were targeted in a campaign, who responded positively and who negatively to the offer and why?

Fast results

No investment of millions was needed to obtain quick results. The customer contact staff really appreciates the new working method because they have less routine information to think about and more time to spend on sales

More sales

More revenue

Conversion with the beer brewery Bazaar Coffee

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