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City of Amsterdam

October 1275: Floris V, Count of Holland, records the name Amsterdam for the first time in a document as ‘Aemstelledamme’ (dam in the river Amstel).
October 2011: The City of Amsterdam now processes documents primarily with software robots. Thanks to Pegamento!

Better service to Amsterdam residents

The city’s municipal service desk must handle around 130 processes in delivering services promptly and smoothly to city residents, a major challenge for the service desk staff. The City of Amsterdam and Pegamento have jointly robotized these processes to serve residents faster and with fewer errors. Training new employees is also considerably faster.

Customer orientation, customer satisfaction, efficiency and continuous improvement.

We proposed making existing systems accessible in a more user-friendly way. As a result, employees no longer need to search in different sources to find the right information, which is now displayed quickly and orderly. When a city resident or entrepreneur requests a service from the municipality, software robots search, find and retrieve all necessary data from different systems, so that every request follows the same required steps. The renewed service applies to all channels and has been reduced to four important basic principles: customer orientation, customer satisfaction, efficiency and continuous improvement

Faster service for Amsterdam residents

Thanks to the solution Pegamento provided, the City of Amsterdam has achieved the following results:

Reduced touchpoints

Faster lead time

More satisfied residents

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