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In 1899, 91 pharmacists, each with their own knowledge and skills, established a Dutch cooperative purchasing organization. In 2018, Mediq, a healthcare and pharmaceutical services company with over 3,900 employees and market-leading positions in 13 countries, asked Pegamento to provide an easy to use knowledge base.

Knowledge in the right place for unambiguous answers… the first time!

Mediq is active in a complex healthcare market. Providing the right information to employees across the many departments within Mediq is sometimes literally of vital importance. For this, Mediq needed a user-friendly knowledge management system. A system where all information could be found in one knowledge base and Pegamento had the solution.

All data in one place

We introduced the Britannica knowledge base at Mediq to eliminate the fragmented information sources from various departments dispersed over three physically separated locations. At Britannica, all data is contained in one centralized database and the user, with a user permission matrix, only gets access to the information he or she needs.

Advantages of a knowledge base

These are the advantages for the 500 Mediq employees who are currently working with Britannica:


Faster handling

Shorter training period

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