Tristan Mestanza – Online Marketeer

Tristan Mestanza

Tristan Mestanza - Online Marketeer

The need to communicate and share information is what has helped humanity develop and advance so much technologically. It’s also theorized to be one of the reasons our ancestors developed different languages.

For me, it’s incredible to think that in less than 100 years we went from using letters as one of our main ways of communication, to little screens in our pockets that can in less than 5 seconds connect us with family or friends on the other side of the world. Being able to share information so instantaneously also meant we had new ways to offer services and sell products. One of the important things of marketing is to understand how to attract and fascinate people to whatever product or service you are offering with fun and interesting content.

I chose to do my first internship in Pegamento because here they work on advancing ways in which other companies can better connect their employees with their clients. I’ve already learned so many new things in my first month here and I’m excited to see what more I will learn in the upcoming months.

This story is written by Tristan Daniel Mestanza Bermudez, working as an intern Marketing and Communication at Pegamento.

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