Bartiméus Fund

For all people who are visually impaired or blind - Bartiméus 100% life

As an organisation, we offer technology that allows customers to access data via their preferred senses to support them during their work. For example, we provide an extra pair of eyes with image recognition in production control. Or an extra pair of hands with RPA when performing repetitive tasks.

But not everyone can simply access information via all their senses, which means that being able to do things is no longer a given. We want to make it possible for visually impaired people to get the most out of life with the senses that work for them. And that is why we support the Bartiméus fund. Will you join us?

Upcoming events

Pegamento organises and participates in various events, such as networking events, expert sessions, workshops, and conferences. But also marathons, such as the Rotterdam marathon in April 2022. Through these events, we want to raise money for the Bartiméus Fund. The following events are coming up:

In action for Bartiméus

We take action for children with visual impairments. They are unfortunately missing this important sense, but early diagnosis and proper guidance in this regard is crucial. This enables them to participate so that the risk of social disadvantage is reduced. Because once they miss important milestones, they fall further and further behind.

Every child has the right to good medical care, good education, and a carefree life with friends! We wish that for every child.

And to achieve that, the Bartiméus Fund needs money. Therefore, your donation, small or large, is very welcome! Will you support us?

From 29 November 2022

What is Bartiméus?

Our collaboration started during our first networking event: the Contactbrouwerij. Read more here.

The Bartiméus Fund wants people who are partially sighted or blind to be able to live the life that suits them. To make this happen, they raise funds for excellent care and innovative projects. To this end, they raise money. They also try to make people aware of what partially sighted and blind people run into every day - sometimes literally.

Their dream?

People who are partially sighted or blind cannot rely on their eyes. But does this visual impairment also mean a limitation of quality of life? Or that a person's zest for life and talents cannot reach their full potential? They don't think so, and neither do we.

The Bartiméus Fund wants visually impaired people to be able to participate fully in society. Because it's not about the percentage of your vision. It's about the per cent you live. That's why their motto is: 100 per cent life.

Looking back at events where we raised money

  • Contactbrouwerij

'Contactbrouwerij' €1.000,-

Our cooperation with Bartiméus Fund started during our first networking event: the 'Contactbrouwerij'. The day was all about informally getting to know one other and sharing knowledge, combined with a beer tasting. Afterwards, guests could purchase special beer packages worth €7.50, the proceeds of which went to Bartiméus Fund.

All in all, a great success!