Bakkerij Amstelveld uses image recognition with AI from Pegamento for bread quality control

Bakkerij Amstelveld is the first bakery in the Netherlands to use a system with a camera (image recognition) and AI networks to check bread for quality. Pegamento built the system that learns to recognise the quality of bread rolls by means of their shape, colour, and size. "We never imagined that AI could also complement our work as bakers," says Danny Ilcken of Bakkerij Amstelveld. "We are happy with this cooperation with Pegamento and with the quality that the system guarantees 24 hours a day."

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Computer learns which bread rolls are good

In recent months, Pegamento has built a system to fully automatically recognise the best bread rolls and to remove unsuitable bread rolls from the belt. A camera scans 200 000 bread rolls every day. Using AI, the computer learned to recognise the good bread rolls by size, shape, and colour. After scanning 5000 pieces per type of bread roll, the system was fully commissioned. Rob Roode, R&D officer at Pegamento, adds: "The work for Bakkerij Amstelveld shows that AI is also perfectly applicable to SMEs with a digitisation demand."

First Dutch bakery with an image recognition and AI system

Bakkerij Amstelveld is the first bakery in the Netherlands that uses computer vision with AI to check every bread roll. A first AI network looks at what type of bread is involved and ensures that each individual bread roll can be detected. A second AI network then checks whether the quality is satisfactory. The system rejects the unsatisfactory bread and, via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), forwards it to one of the rejection belts.

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