Business acquisition of Cloud Contact

Customer contact, via every channel available to the customer, is our passion. To offer telephony and contact centre solutions, Pegamento founded its subsidiary Cloud Contact BV in 2018 and acquired Adatum Telecom BV in 2019. We are now proud to serve 300+ customers with our proprietary solutions.

It is now time to take the next step. How can we make these solutions even smarter and even simpler? Pegamento is doing that by using artificial intelligence and software robotisation, among other things. And to offer those to all our customers in all our products, we decided to merge the 3 companies Pegamento, Cloud Contact, and Adatum Telecom on 1 January 2022 under 1 name: Pegamento BV.

For you, little will change. The team of employees will remain the same, and we will continue to supply the products you use. But of course we hope to be able to offer you new possibilities with our solutions in the near future.


Questions? Feel free to contact us!

Joost Dijkhuis

Business Consultant

Joost Schaap

Account Manager

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