‘Fish on Wheels’ Peggy creates drawing for the KWF

Pegamento got 'Fish on Wheels' Peggy to draw a picture. We did this to show that image recognition can be used more widely than for automation or information gathering. The drawing was auctioned off for the KWF Cancer Society.

The Fish on Wheels (FOW) was created previously. The FOW is a fish bowl on wheels with a smartphone attached to it, with software that makes the bowl move in the direction in which the fish swims. It shows that image recognition can also provide a simple interaction that can be operated by animals. Pegamento breathed new life into the Fish on Wheels by having goldfish Peggy create a drawing. The drawing was auctioned off and the proceeds donated to the KWF Cancer Society.

Extraordinary artwork with international exposure

Fish on Wheels is an extraordinary artwork worldwide, according to international media coverage from 2014. The video about the installation went viral at that time and caught Elon Musk's attention via the BBC. He sent an email to Pegamento and bought 'his little chum, Eric the goldfish', which now rides around his office. Consequently, Eric acquired an equivalent in Peggy.

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