Business analysis

What is Business Analysis?

A first step in collaborating with Pegamento is a Business Analysis. We would like to show you whether and where we can add value to your business. We prefer to make that value as concrete as possible in advance. That's why we start with a Business Analysis. This involves looking at the core and the details of your business. Why? To understand exactly what your questions and objectives are and to be able to discuss the real solution in terms of scope and content.

A Business Consultant from Pegamento will spend 2 to 4 days at your company. Preferably, you assign a contact person who can accompany our Business Consultant during these days and who has access to the data needed to draw up a Business Analysis. We combine your company's figures with the findings of our Business Consultant.

The result of a Business Analysis is a detailed report with the solution we can offer you, including a plan of action and an estimate of the expected improvements against the investment.

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How is such a Business Analysis done?

A Business Analysis involves a 6-step plan that we implement within 10 days. What exactly do those 10 days look like?


0,5 days

Defining the problem, bottleneck, or opportunity together


5 days

Taking stock

Taking stock of the current situation: clearly describing the processes and figures, causes and consequences


0,5 days

Which solutions can be implemented and what value do they add?


2 days

Involving stakeholders and validating conclusions


1,5 days

Creating a joint roadmap and timeline for the next steps


0,5 days

Final presentation and approval of the result

Immediate insight into the advantages

  • Immediate insight into the financial implications of the proposed solution(s).
  • Immediate insight into the proposed improved process in comparison to the current process.
  • Immediate insight into the payback period with a cost-benefit breakdown based on the proposed process.


  • Although Pegamento's solutions have standard core features, we always configure them to your company-specific situation.
  • With a Business Analysis, all stakeholders gain insight into how the current process is running and how the new process will work.
  • When new user interfaces are needed, they are customised and included in the Business Analysis.


  • Our Business Analysis is not just guesswork. Pegamento commits to the calculated results. A deal is a deal.
  • As a result, the Business Analysis becomes part of a potential contract and serves as the basis for an implementation.

“Pegamento is one of the few businesses that truly deliver what they promise”

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