Arnold Tamminga – Solution engineer

Arnold Tamminga - Solution Engineer

My personal motivations are building things and making others happy. At Pegamento, for me that means building what the customer really needs, as well as making time for my colleagues. In other words, listening to customers and colleagues and asking questions.

A great project to build was the workshop planner for Louwman, which we built and tested together with Louwman's call centre employees. In this planner, employees are intuitively guided step-by-step through the planning process, with only the necessary information on the screen. It was also the first project where we deployed Mendix and RPA together. Another great project was expanding the robot at Harding Marine Services from 1 portal (where requests come in and offers are entered) to 7 portals. A branch of business, where time really is money, and where saving time on offers/quotations results in more orders.

These are both great and interesting projects that were realised through good listening and with smart technology. I am eager to see what the next steps will be that we can take for our clients.

This piece was written by Arnold Tamminga, Solution Engineer at Pegamento.

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