Jan Michel Koster – System Engineer

Jan Michel Koster - Systeem Engineer

Pegamento and working in engineering is more than just work. As a result of our work, things are built, improved, or repaired.

The work requires creativity, the ability to solve problems, and the application of increasingly new techniques. It also requires pushing for the development of new technical capabilities.

This means being able to listen properly to customers and then applying your own ideas. But it often also comes down to intuition and finding solutions based on knowledge and experience. Sometimes it even requires reworking older technology. It's not just about taking an abstract view, but also about knowing how to think practically and concretely.

I enjoy looking back at old techniques and how they developed. How did it come about? And so on. Whether it's an EM81 or a KS50. A radio tube called cat's eye or my passion for Zündapp and two-stroke engines.

That's why for me it is all about feeling and listening.

This piece was written by Jan Michel Koster, System Engineer at Pegamento.

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