Tim Treurniet – Designer of Intelligent Systems

Tim Treurniet - Designer of Intelligent Systems

I never had any real childhood heroes. But in retrospect, I believe figures like Willie Wortel or Dexter's Lab may have had an influence on me. I get energy from making innovative and useful products myself. There's nothing like seeing the effect of a project that automates a boring task or that makes a complex process accessible.

A good transition to my photograph is the physical aspect of my work. By working with image recognition, I am often directly connected to the physical world, and my work involves more than just programming. For example, our image recognition software ensures safety on bridges, tracks players on a football pitch, or enables you to use your own smartphone to accurately measure yourself. This combination between physical and digital provides variety and an extra challenge. For me, these are the main reasons for my interest and enthusiasm in what I do!

This piece was written by Tim Treurniet, Designer of intelligent Systems at Pegamento.

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