Vera van der Plas – UI/UX designer

Vera van der Plas - UI/UX Designer

As a UX/UI designer, I convert complex data into user-friendly visualisations. These are topped off with a digital dab of paint to attract the visitor's attention and get them to act.

For me, one of the interesting aspects of this field is the effects that small tweaks, both textual and visual, can have on conversion. The psychological impact that a simple background colour of a CTA button has on our behaviour is huge. In fact, this colour can determine whether or not you will buy a particular product.

What we see and how our brains process and interpret this information fascinates me. The possibilities of subconsciously pointing potential customers in your chosen direction are endless. 
I hope to apply my expertise within our solutions more frequently in the future.

This piece was written by Vera van der Plas, UX/UI Designer at Pegamento.

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