What is a neural network? Everything about AI

Neural network, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, neural network, and machine learning. These are important concepts that are related to one another. We will explain all these concepts, but first we will start at the beginning and share a bit of history about the origins of artificial intelligence.

AI obtained its fundamentals from the Turing test. The Turing test is an experiment described by Alan Turing in 1936 and further developed in his article Computing Machinery and Intelligence (1950) to shed light on whether a machine can exhibit human intelligence. The Turing test is considered to be the birth of AI/artificial intelligence. If a machine can make a human believe that that machine is a human, then the machine in question possesses 'artificial' intelligence.

The concept of AI emerged in 1956. John McCarthy organised "The Dartmouth summer research project on Artificial Intelligence," where he introduced the concept of artificial intelligence. In this project, John McCarthy also corresponded with other scientists on the learning process of AI and all other aspects of intelligence.

Fast forward: From these fundamentals of artificial intelligence, several applications have emerged that fall under the concept of artificial intelligence. These also include examples that are used on an everyday basis, such as the Roomba, Siri, Google Voice assistant, and Alexa. When talking about AI/artificial intelligence, other terms also become relevant, such as: Machine learning, neural network, algorithms, and robotisation. We explain these in more detail below.

neuraal netwerk

Machine learning

The following term also falls under the umbrella of artificial intelligence: machine learning. Machine learning is nothing less than a form of artificial intelligence aimed at building systems that can extract patterns from collected and processed data and that can learn to perform better.

Currently, machine learning is applied on many different fronts. Amazon, for instance, provides a good example of machine learning. Based on collected data, Amazon's system can determine which products you are most likely to be looking for next and can recommend these to you.

Neural network

A neural network, formerly called a neuronal network, is a group of connected neurons. The two main forms are biological neural networks, specifically the human brain, and artificial neural networks. An AI system is effectively a neural network.

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