Kramp selects Pegamento for European rollout of omnichannel customer contact platform

Kramp has selected Pegamento as the party it wants to work with to upgrade their customer service from good to excellent. The European supplier of spare parts in the agricultural, construction, forestry, and grass care industries put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find a solution to handle its more than 1 million customer contacts annually in one environment. An omnichannel platform that ultimately contributes to an optimal customer experience.

With 24 branches in more than 22 countries and over 3500 employees, Kramp is one of the largest technical wholesalers in Europe. The organisation was looking for a solution in which all customer contact channels and (back office) systems work together seamlessly and in which it can handle all customer contacts in one environment. With a single customer contact system, Kramp can easily share its specialist knowledge between the different countries, enabling an even better and more consistent service to its customers.

Kramp sees added value in the platform Sprinklr, which Pegamento offers as part of its WorkplaceX solution. ''The platform is unique and adds value in relation to our customer contact goals. What our customer finds important and needs to get their job done, but also how they want to communicate with us, is our main starting point,'' says Mirko Schuurman, Director Architecture and Security at Kramp. ''Making it as easy as possible for them to use our products and services and, if necessary, to approach our customer service. With Pegamento, we are building a platform that includes everything we need to serve our customers. Thoughtful and professional with a focus on the right aspects.''

''If a Kramp employee holds a conversation with a customer in a different language, the text is immediately translated into the correct language during the chat, the intention of the conversation is immediately ascertained, and the Kramp employee is guided in responding to the customer by means of automatic answer suggestions,'' explains Serge Poppes, CEO of Pegamento. A great way, he thinks, to make it easier to share your employees' knowledge across countries. ''The platform also makes suggestions to the employee that they can use during the conversation. For example, based on customer history or what the customer chats about,'' Poppes says. ''And based on words, tone-of-voice and/or speech, it also measures the customer's emotional state.'' According to the Pegamento CEO, these additions help to better understand the customer and fully satisfy their needs. All aspects related to the pursuit of Kramp's goals, believes Mirko.

Meanwhile, Pegamento and Kramp have started with the preparations. For each location, they are looking at what is needed to switch to the new system. For this purpose, blueprints are being made to ensure a smooth transition. All in all, Pegamento is happy with this cooperation and looks forward to the first successes of the rollout.

Kevin Jonkergouw, Vice President Benelux & Nordics Sprinklr: ''We are happy that Kramp awarded the contract to Pegamento, and we are also happy to have a specialised partner like Pegamento that is particularly focused on customer contact. We wouldn't be able to keep up with our growth otherwise either, because the implementation of our technology is essential for the end users.''

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