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Optimal customer experience with the Pegamento Contact Center

Generating the optimal customer experience is not that easy yet. Patiently waiting before a customer gets an answer to their question or problem is no longer appropriate these days. Besides, the number of contact channels through which customers contact the organisation increases every year, and customers now strive for real personal contact.

How can your customer service employees facilitate all this while remaining accessible to everyone without losing oversight? We take you through:

Communicating from a single platform

Customers are increasingly using different (digital) channels to contact companies, and they assume you are easily accessible on them. If not, they may switch to a competitor. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of messages coming in through all the separate contact channels. Chances are that your customer service representative will overlook that one important message.

Set up smart and efficient communication

To avoid such a situation, Pegamento Contact Center is the go-to application. This platform enables you to set up communication with your customers properly and efficiently. It offers the ability to handle omnichannel interactions intelligently. The solution provides ample functionality for inbound and outbound calling, emailing, chatting, outbound campaigns, or monitoring and replying to social media messages. The user-friendly employee (agent) interface ensures fast adoption, and the simple admin environment enables the organisation to perform day-to-day management itself. In addition, you get better insight into your customers' and employees' calling behaviour through comprehensive reports. Not to mention a complete overview of your customers with contact history, data, workflows, and orders.

Contact Centre in practice

Live chat for ICI Paris XL Belgium

In connection with the mandatory closure due to the corona virus, which subsequently caused an increase in visitors to their website, ICI Paris XL Belgium approached us to ask how quickly we could implement live chat on their websites.

Together with the customer, we realised this within a week, in 2 languages, including short training sessions for the employees.

Meanwhile, the live chat has become very popular and so-called Beauty Experts give personal beauty advice to ICI Paris XL customers. 'We are experiencing positive feedback from our customers and hope to use this to offer a good alternative for providing Beauty advice to our customers who cannot get to our stores,' commented the manager in charge.

MIND Korrelatie optimises accessibility for providing even better assistance

All incoming communication arrived in a fragmented manner via phone, mail, chat, or WhatsApp. And so did (client) information. Aid workers had to monitor different channels and spend more time searching for all (client) information to provide the right help.

With the Pegamento Contact Center, aid workers receive all incoming communication, and thus all (client) information, on one platform. This allows them to keep better track of registrations and to switch faster during and between conversations.

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white paper: create the ultimate customer experience with Sprinklr

Create the ultimate customer experience with Sprinklr

Consumers are increasingly looking for convenience and good service. It is no longer just about product and price. How you interact with your customers makes or breaks your business. And your customers are only too happy to share their thoughts about your business with others. They talk to and about your brand via the channel of their choice. How should you handle this? Find out in the free white paper.

white paper: create the ultimate customer experience with Sprinklr

The features

Like no other company, we realise that a contact centre application today is more than a glorified telephone switchboard. Customer interactions are handled via phone, email, chat, and social channels. In addition, reporting, reliability, and flexibility in management are essential.

Contact Center offers the ability to effectively handle contacts from all current and future types of channels. And this is all done in a handling and management environment based entirely on web technology. This means that you and your agents can handle contacts in the office, at home, or even on the train. What is required for this? Simply a web browser and internet connection!


Voice, email, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, social media, fax.


For both (new) social channels and own applications.

Web interface

Web (RTC) desktop for all channels and management.


Built on reliable cloud infrastructure.


Integrated IVR with standard building blocks and dialogue flow.


Integrated, web-based, real-time, and historic for all channels.


Flows to initiate communication actions on the basis of events.


Preview, power, progressive, and predictive to reach customers proactively.


Disaster recovery and high availability options are available as a standard.


Including, among others, policies for password management, encryption of voice recordings, and operation of rules.


Grip on conversations between customers and insight into their needs, satisfaction, and sentiment by means of AI algorithms.

Real-time translation

Real-time translation during a chat conversation. When someone speaks a different language, it is possible to communicate with them in their own language. An AI engine translates on the spot.

Assist customers faster with uniform customer service

90% of customers want their questions answered immediately, but most contact centres cannot manage this. And then there is the increase in the use of social channels, where more communication now takes place about the organisation than with it. Organisations are used to consumers and citizens contacting them directly with their questions, wishes, and complaints via channels managed by the organisation itself: from the telephone line to online chat. But the number of channels is increasing, creating a completely unstructured digital world that no one can fully manage. It is a huge challenge to get a grip on these previously unstructured channels and to engage in dialogues where monologues used to prevail.

Custom communication

Everyone is different and has their own desires when it comes to the channel through which contact is made. Sometimes this is age-related, and sometimes it is culturally inspired. For the organisation, it is important to make the limited human resources available to target groups that require personal contact. Concrete examples include providing counter and call centre staff for the elderly and people with disabilities and digital self-service for 'tech-savvy' target groups.

With Sprinklr Modern Care as part of the Pegamento Contact Center, you learn to understand the customer and can establish effective and uniform customer service. You gain insight into the unstructured channels and can thus engage with your customers via whichever channel they use to contact you - whether directly or indirectly (for example by talking about your organisation).

Sprinklr Modern Care as Pegamento Contact Centre +

Sprinklr Modern Care is powered by the most advanced, patented AI engine for the enterprise, built on the only unified customer experience management platform (Unified-CXM). It analyses billions of conversations across the social, messaging, in-app, live chat, email and voice channels your customers prefer, identifies intent and sentiment, and guides customers to the right support - all in real time.

Customers served! 0 (Digital) channels to scale customer service
Customers served! 0 AI models that listen 24/7 to everything that is available online

The advantages of Contact Center

All customer contact channels in one platform

Communicate with customers across different channels, such as telephone, email, and chat, from a single application. No more switching between customer contact channels.

360 degree customer view

Insight into all previous interactions during a conversation with a customer. Customer recognition increases and customer satisfaction rises.

Single reporting environment

Reports and real-time dashboard are not fragmented across various applications and databases, but are conveniently available in one environment.

Customer has choice of self-service

Self-service to handle most common queries and solve simple problems, with the option to contact a live agent.

Future proof

Thanks to its 'open channel setup', Contact Centre is able to develop channel integration in just a few steps. Everything is routable to the best available employee.

No additional hardware or software required

A user needs only an internet connection, browser, and headset to be available and reachable. Nothing else is needed to work with this system.

Discover the possibilities of Pegamento Contact Centre for your business

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