Phone System

Unlimited possibilities with Phone System

Are you looking for solutions to improve your customer contact and accessibility? To avoid problems with call forwarding, lack of smooth integration with mobile, and faltering or dropped calls? We help you generate the optimal customer experience in your customer service department with Phone System. We take you through:

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What is Phone System?

Phone System is your organisation's telephone exchange. A telephony system that allows you to work at home, in the office, or anywhere else, and that you can easily scale up or down according to your needs. And it all happens in the cloud: it involves calling via the internet. Calling via the internet is very common these days. No wonder, because telephony in the cloud (VoIP, Voice Over IP telephony system) has many advantages. These include: clear costs, many options, and great flexibility.

Unlimited possibilities with Phone System

With Phone System, you control what happens when your organisation receives calls, for example by implementing choice menus, call queues, and call transfers. In addition, Phone System offers you the convenience of automatic or manual time switches, which allow you to have phone traffic redirected to a different location during certain periods (opening hours, lunch breaks, and out-of-office times). Based on the caller's location (local or international), you can address a caller in the relevant language and then transfer them to the right number. You can set this up as extensively as you like.

Hybrid working with the Phone System App

Hybrid working is here to stay, even when we can cautiously return to the office. 9 out of 10 employees want to continue working from home after the corona crisis. And that means your employees need to be accessible not only in the office, but also at home, or wherever they are working. The solution? Fixed mobile integration. Simply make your mobile phones part of the company switchboard. This means transferring not only the calls themselves to mobile phones, but also the functionalities. Transferring calls from your mobile? No problem! Setting up or attending a conference call? You can easily do this and much more.

For this, we have the Phone System App. The Phone System App is an extension module of Phone System. Via the app, the company number is integrated into your mobile phone. (Forwarded) calls come in on your smartphone and you can make calls using the company number. Your personal number thus remains private. And if you want to transfer a customer to a colleague, you can simply see in the app whether they are available.

Phone System in practice

A listening ear 24/7

The Listening Line (Luisterlijn) is a national organisation - under subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport - that offers an anonymous listening ear 24/7 to anyone who is troubled by something. That 'something' can be anything: mental distress, loneliness, sadness, or other concerns. Including concerns about the coronavirus. The Listening Line therefore opened the corona line especially for this purpose.

Nearly 2x as many conversations 

Whereas volunteers at the Listening Line normally handle about 700 to 800 calls a day, that number has almost doubled to about 1200 calls a day. Besides the regular group of volunteers, there is now also an influx of people - employees of contact centres, for example - who want to work as temporary volunteers now that they themselves can work less or not at all.

Telephony platform for working from home 

As soon as someone calls the Listening Line number, the caller is presented with a menu of options. If they want to have a coronavirus-related conversation, the person is transferred to one of the new volunteers who is on duty and logged in from home. After the call, the volunteer fills in a short, simple questionnaire as a report. This module was also developed by Pegamento and linked to the platform. A salient detail is that the registration must be completely anonymous and must not contain any data that could identify the caller.

The advantages of Phone System

Cost savings

Investing in expensive equipment is unnecessary, as an on-site telephone exchange is no longer needed. Current IP devices can often be taken over. Your monthly costs are low and predictable.

Single platform

One affordable VoIP switchboard that includes all telephony functions as standard. These include voicemail, choice menus (IVR), call forwarding, group switching, call queues, announcement texts, or an operator console.

Easy expansion

Scalable with your organisation and easily expandable with additional functions. Do you need to add a function later, e.g. a drop-down menu? That is possible, without additional subscription costs.

The features

The most important features at a glance.


Support for many types of devices. In many cases, your existing devices are also supported.


Including SIP lines for optimal accessibility and flexibility.

Link with Teams

Call and be called via Microsoft Teams. The Phone System can be linked with your Office365 platform. See how this  Teams integration works.


Create choice menus to guide your customers to the correct location.

Time switches

Time-based call transfers.

Fixed mobile

Be available on your fixed device and on your mobile device. This is easy to achieve via our VaMo app.


Group transfers, queues, queue notification texts. All of this is possible with Phone System.

Operator console

Our operator console (IPOC) offers extensive possibilities for the operator(s).


Missed call? No problem, the Phone System includes a voicemail system.

Call recording

Do you want to record calls? This, too, is one of the features of the Phone System.

Discover the possibilities of Phone System within your business

Is your curiosity piqued and are you considering giving digital calling a try in your organisation? Would you like to optimise your customer service and/or improve the accessibility of your organisation? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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