Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base's online, hyper-intelligent software is your proprietary knowledge base that answers all customer questions quickly and efficiently. With this solution, you no longer have to rely on scattered knowledge in employees' heads, in documents, and on the intranet, but you can find all company knowledge in one central place. It's accessible, consistent, dynamic, and easy to integrate with RPA, AI, your company website, and more. In other words, it's more than just another knowledge base. With insight into the most frequently asked questions, you know exactly what your customers want to know. You save time and energy in relation to common customer questions and can then spend that time on more complex customer questions or other work. As a result, your  customer satisfaction will definitely increase.

In short, with Pegamento's Knowledge Base, everyone can deliver high-quality, consistent customer service.

A proprietary knowledge base that answers all customer queries quickly and efficiently

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Training the AI model

During a workshop, we work with users to determine which email flows - such as changing address details, placing an order, or exchanging a working day - are eligible for processing by AI Mail Automation and what responses are associated with them. We define categories - such as invoice queries, lost customer cards, and returns - and determine where to find sample messages. Via a link with the email server, we import around 100 sample emails per stream. The AI model analyses the sample emails and trains itself on recognising the categories and recognising entities, such as a phone number or bank account number. We then use test messages to validate and further refine the model.

White paper: knowledge management

Want to know more about knowledge management within your organisation?

Download your free white paper here. In this white paper, we tell you how knowledge management can complement the existing processes in your organisation, and we give you 5 tips for populating a knowledge base completely and correctly.

White paper: knowledge management

Basic Knowledge Base

  • Knowledge Base is available from €12,- per month.
  • Pay per article and not per click, like you would with many other knowledge bases.
  • No extensive ICT-integration necessary. With a few minor adjustments, our Knowledge Base is fully functional on your company's website or intranet.
  • Higher visibility on Google (SEO) when used on your website.
  • Positive impact on CES (Customer Effort Score) when used for customers, thanks to the fact that they can find the right answers with little effort.
  • Quick to implement: existing content is migrated quickly.
  • Easy to manage and maintain.

E-learning integration

  • Employees automatically see the right knowledge articles based on business rules.
  • Proven effective way of learning, because knowledge is repeated in short periods of time.
  • Knowledge training takes place in between other tasks, which is more effective than requiring employees to free up time for knowledge training.

Chatbot integration

  • An intuitive interface (chatbot) guides the interaction between users and the knowledge base. Simply ask a question and the knowledge base displays an article with the answer.
  • The chatbot integrates not only with Britannica but also with underlying systems, allowing the user (an employee, or a customer) to navigate complete processes independently.

"Pegamento Knowledge Base is the ideal choice for businesses looking for an affordable and rapidly deployable knowledge solution with extensive functionality and expandability."