Pioneers in customer contact

Pegamento was founded 10 years ago by three pioneers in customer contact. Their ambition? Making life easier for customer contact staff. Over the last decade we have built up a rich history with more than 50 expert staff. These are some of the highlights achieved over that period.
  • 2019

    51 employees
    16000 robots
    12000 app users
    6000 omnichannel support agents
    225 000 web users

    10 years of innovation in customer contact! Fortunately for us, a growing number of clients in these last 10 years use our services to better help their own customers. We continue to innovate and plan to develop over the next 10 years, with a main focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve processes of customer interaction and optimize customer contact experience.

    A mortgage lender using robotic process automation to partially handle online mortgage applications.

  • 2017

    36 employees
    5300 robots
    9000 app users
    4000 omnichannel support agents
    150 000 web users

    A comprehensive platform solution for painting contractors to make price quotes, place orders and process payments easily and quickly. More…

    The start of our sister company, Cloud Contact, which provides contact centre services with a comprehensive omnichannel platform. More…

    A trusted client whom we have helped automate many business processes. We also assisted with setting up the automated system with which this client manages customer account records and partially handles emails. More…

  • 2015

    31 employees
    5000 robots
    100 app users

    An important year for Pegamento. Apptime, the all-in-one employee app, becomes the next step in improving employee work experience. More…

    A fully-fledged process optimization engaging the consumer in the process. By integrating WhatsApp, consumers can add photos to their request.

  • 2013

    22 employees
    4500 robots

    One of our first local government authorities as client. We have automated for the City of Amsterdam more than 100 processes, ranging from parking permits to passport applications. More…

    For this client, we developed a solution enabling employees to efficiently and rapidly solve technical problems of customers. This platform increases the cross-selling and upselling potential.

  • 2011

    15 employees
    2200 robots

    Our first project abroad. For this business giant, we have been able to interpret information from inbound calls before the call reached the agent, who could then solve the customer’s problem more quickly.

    This grid operator faced a challenge with grid planning through three different subcontractors. We have improved the planning process based on region and availability.

  • 2009

    1000 robots

    We have created a 360-degree customer profile for Ziggo with which nearly 1,000 employees save about 4 minutes per customer contact.

    For OV chip card (public transport chip card by Translink), we have used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software so that processes could be performed more easily and quickly.

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