Mail Assistant

Does processing email cost you a lot of time and money on a daily basis?

Many organizations and companies receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails every day. These could be, for example, from customers requesting a return, job applicants emailing their CVs, or employees requesting schedule changes or applying for leave. Each email requires a quick and accurate response, but reading, routing, and answering them costs a lot of time and money. This is a waste of time, especially if you also receive many recurring questions. Emails can be dealt with better and more efficiently: with the Pegamento Mail Assistant.

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In this video, we show you how to combine the Pegamento Mail Assistant with the Pegamento Process Assistant, so that the work is partially taken out of your hands.
In this video, we show you how to combine Pegamento Mail Assistant with Pegamento Process Assistant, so that the work is completely taken out of your hands

What is Mail Assistant?

The Mail Assistant is exactly what it says: automation of mail traffic with Artificial Intelligence (AI). By deploying artificial intelligence, the intent of emails is identified in a learning process. Once the AI software knows what the emails are about, we deploy smart templates that can handle emails fully automatically. Is this not possible in a specific instance? Then the software recognises this and immediately transfers the email to the right employee - either within the organisation or at an external location.

You can implement Mail Assistant in 5 steps within 10 days

Step 1

Cleaning and analysing current emails and training within the AI model.

Step 2

Creating templates to respond to emails automatically or manually.

Step 3

Defining processes with tasks and users to set up email flow distribution.

Step 4

Training users and managers to use the new application.

Step 5

Step-by-step conversion of email traffic from current process to Mail Assistant.

Training the AI model

In a workshop, we determine together with the users which email flows - such as changing address details, placing an order, and exchanging a working day - are eligible for handling by Pegamento Mail Assistant and which responses correspond to them. We define categories - such as invoice queries, lost customer cards, or returns - and determine where to find sample messages. Using a link to the email server, we import around 100 sample emails per flow. The AI model analyses the sample emails and trains itself on recognising the categories and recognising entities, such as a phone number or bank account number. We then use test messages to validate and further refine the model.

All the advantages of Mail Assistant

Basic Mail Assistant

  • Available from €79,- per month per user.
  • Practically ready to use without major ICT integration. With a few minor adjustments, the Mail Assistant handles emails for you.
  • Quick to implement: we use existing emails to train the model. Hours and hours of programming are unnecessary.
  • Easy to manage and maintain.

Intelligent workflow

  • Emails always routed to the right employee through an advanced workflow system.
  • Easy and consistent replies to emails with suggested response templates.
  • Automatic answering of emails without the involvement of an employee as soon as the model has enough certainty about the content of an email.
  • Automatic execution of other tasks, such as data processing in underlying systems (possibly via a software robot), sending a text message, or even creating a temporary customer portal.


  • Expandable tasks in the workflow system let you decide for yourself what tasks the system should perform for you. This could be, for example, sending a WhatsApp message or updating data in a system.
  • Own choice of custom integration with a source system or intelligent control of a software robot.
  • Infinite workflows, so that the entire business process can be automated from start to finish.

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