Process Assistant

Your personal assistant in handling enquiries, requests, and back-office work efficiently

Looking for a solution that handles manual and time-consuming back-office tasks, enquiries, and requests more efficiently? Our hyper-intelligent software, Process Assistant, is your personal assistant in guiding all business processes, and can even take them off your hands completely. With Process Assistant, all work is completed at the right time, by the right person, and communication is handled qualitatively, consistently, and efficiently. This results in shorter processing times for your customers, suppliers, and employees. In turn, this leads to higher customer and employee satisfaction.

Save time and energy on common business processes and invest it in more complex work instead.

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Does the daily management of business processes cost a lot of time and money?

Every day, many organizations receive dozens, if not hundreds, of queries and orders via email, WhatsApp, and/or social media. These may be from, for example: customers requesting a return, ordering a product, or asking a question; job applicants emailing their CVs; and employees requesting a schedule change or applying for leave. Every message requires correct processing, which costs a lot of time and money, because each one involves all kinds of manual back-office work: reading, replying, looking up data and supplementing if necessary, copy-pasting, assigning tasks to the right person, executing requests, and so on. This is a waste of time, especially if you receive a lot of recurring requests. These tasks can be completed in a better and more efficient way: with the Pegamento Process Assistant.

What is Process Assistant?

The name tells us exactly what it does: it assists processes. The Process Assistant does this by automating processes or guiding the employee through the steps of processes using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For example, a customer makes a product request via email. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the intention of the email is identified. This can also be done in relation to messages that come in via live chat, web forms, or a customer portal, for example. Once the AI software knows what the email or message is about, the Process Assistant starts the process linked to the type of request. It automatically creates tasks for the right person at the right time. These could be tasks for the supplier, the customer service employee, and for itself. It then automatically performs (parts of) the scheduled tasks and/or provides guidance in the steps of the process, for example by suggesting actions to be performed to the supplier and preparing response templates for the customer service employee. In the background, it requests missing data from the sender, for example.

You are efficiently guided step by step through the handling process. Or even completely relieved of your tasks. The Process Assistant also keeps track of all activities in a logbook, making it easy to retrieve everything.

Implement Process Assistant in 5 steps within 10 days

Step 1

Cleaning and analysing incoming communication and training within the AI model.

Step 2

Creating templates to respond automatically or manually to incoming messages.

Step 3

Defining processes with tasks and users to set up the (automated) business processes.

Step 4

Training users and managers to use the new application.

Step 5

Converting the business processes step by step from the old system to the Process Assistant.

What does the Process Assistant look like?

Here is an instruction video showing the Process Assistant in combination with Mail Assistant. These two solutions work closely together. In this video, we explain how Process Assistant works for your organisation.

All the advantages of Process Assistant

Basic Process Assistant

  • Available from €79,- per month per user.
  • Practically ready to use without extensive ICT integration
  • Easy to manage and maintain.


  • Expandable tasks in the workflow system let you decide what tasks you want to have performed for you. Examples include sending a WhatsApp message or updating data in a system.
  • Own choice of custom integration with a source system or intelligent control of a software robot.
  • Infinite workflows, so that the entire business process can be automated from start to finish.
  • Can be combined with the Pegamento Mail Assistant.

Intelligent workflow

  • Always have the work assigned to the right employee by routing through an advanced workflow system.
  • Easy and consistent responses to messages with suggested response templates.
  • Automatic execution of tasks, such as data processing in underlying systems (possibly via a software robot), sending a text message, or even creating a temporary customer portal.
  • Automatic responses to emails without the involvement of an employee once the model has sufficient certainty about the content of an email.

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