Employee Connect

These days, (almost) everyone owns a smartphone. This offers businesses a new opportunity to communicate with employees and to enable them to feel truly engaged with the company. Employee Connect plays into this by offering an app specifically designed to motivate, inform, and give employees the recognition they deserve more efficiently and in a unified way. This is employee engagement at its best!

With Employee Connect, you link business applications such as a Workforce Management system (WFM), as well as intranet, (personal) reports, HR information, or even our Knowledge Base to one secure, mobile application. Employee Connect is the platform that ensures that communication between employees and the company is always clear, transparent, and secure.

With Employee Connect, employees are always up to date, wherever they are. It's easy and efficient.

Motivate, inform, and acknowledge employees more efficiently

All communication via one mobile environment

Employee Connect extracts all information for internal communication from your systems and makes it available via a secure mobile application. Your business rules determine who is allowed to view and enter which information. Employees can view messages and overviews, as well as communicate with colleagues and managers. This way, everyone stays involved and up-to-date. And it doesn't cost you a fortune. You only pay a few euros in licence fees per employee per month.

A few statistics

The all-in-one employee app Employee Connect is growing fast. Not only in number of users, but also in functionality. We have an uptime of almost 100% and we regularly surprise users with new features. If you want to benefit from this as well, get in touch!
Customers served! 14500 Employee Connect users
Customers served! 14500 %  More efficiency
Customers served! 14500 % Lower employee turnover

Integration and linking with all backend systems

Employee Connect is available for several mobile platforms, including Android. Integration with your back office is possible via FTP, with an API, or with a Custom Connector. As for WFM, links are available with the systems of all major players including Genesys, Verint, and NICE.

Proper security is also in place. Employee Connect prompts for a username (or email address) and a password at start-up. Two-step verification is also possible if required.

Get to know Employee Connect

To appreciate all the features of Employee Connect, a personal demo is most effective. Arrange an appointment for this with one of our consultants.


"For our employees, it is the ideal way, through a mobile app, to have insight into their communication and scheduling at any time."

Rindert Dudink

Nationale Postcode Loterij

"It is especially useful for looking at my working hours, as they are not the same every day. And for personal scores, it gives an accessible overview."

Customer Contact Employee


White paper: keep employees involved

Want to know more about Employee Connect?

In this white paper, we discuss in detail how you can communicate with your employees at home. Download it for free!
White paper: keep employees involved

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