Employee Connect


A single platform where employees can find each other and stay connected with the organisation. Where news and information can be shared. Where feedback can be requested and claims can be submitted.

In this module, you can find the contact details of your organisation's employees. You can also use this module to distinguish between different branches and/or departments.

For any HR department, Employee Connect is an absolute benefit

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Satisfaction survey

A short satisfaction survey can be found in this module. Your organisation has the option of asking employees questions (e.g. every month) so that you are aware of their opinions throughout the year.

  • Employees have the opportunity, throughout the year, to indicate what they think of the organisation and to share their views on various issues
  • The organisation can respond smartly to the employee feedback and take action if it remains necessary (e.g. in case of overall negative employee sentiment). This will also lead to easier employee retention.
  • It is also possible to place the general employee satisfaction survey (link to the relevant website) here, so that employees are more likely to fill in this survey since it is easier and more accessible. This increases the response rate.

An overview of all functionalities

Want to know more about Employee Connect?

In this white paper, we discuss in detail how you can communicate with your employees at home. Download it for free!

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