Voice Summary

Improve your customer contact with Voice Summary

Are you tired of transcribing, summarising, storing in your CRM system and sending off transcripts after every call? Using artificial intelligence, Voice Summary automatically transcribes, summarises, saves and emails each call to the customer in seconds, without any human intervention. The result: fast and complete call handling and satisfied customers and employees. Let's look at a few points:

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What is Voice Summary?

Voice Summary is a combination of Whisper and ChatGPT. Voice Summary is a system we have developed that not only automatically transcribes audio files into text and stores them in your CRM system, but also summarises the text and sends it to the customer by email. This process takes only a few seconds, allowing your employee to handle the contact more efficiently. It also eliminates the need for manual typing. This is a real benefit to your business.

Because of the link between Whisper and ChatGPT, there are many possible ways to apply this technology. Below are 3 ways you can use Voice Summary:


Through a connection between Gmail and ChatGPT, ChatGPT reads what incoming mails are about. Based on this, a ChatGPT extension suggests some automatic replies. You can click on these, edit them if necessary, and send them as a reply to an email.


When a customer leaves a voicemail for an organisation, Whisper transcribes the voicemail into text. ChatGPT then creates a summary of this text, which is automatically sent to the person who left the voicemail.


During a phone call, the conversation is recorded. The audio file is transcribed by Whisper into text in the form of an interview, which ChatGPT then converts into a summary. This summary is then automatically emailed to the customer.

Voice Summary in practice

Voice Summary in action 

Voice Summary can be used in any industry where there is customer contact by telephone.

For example, a customer calls their phone company with questions about their phone subscription. At the start of the call, and after the caller has been notified, an audio file is recorded. The whole conversation is recorded. The employee only has to answer the customer's questions without taking notes. This allows the employee to pay full attention to the call and to help the customer in the best way possible. At the end of the call, the audio file is transferred to the Whisper program. This program transcribes the audio fragment into text in the form of a typed interview. The text generated by Whisper is linked to ChatGPT and this text is automatically summarised in ChatGPT based on a preset prompt. The summary of the conversation is then automatically emailed to the customer along with the corresponding audio file, and the transcribed interview is filed in the CRM system. This allows both the customer and the employee to later review what was discussed at the time.

The advantages of Voice Summary

You save time

One of the main benefits is that it saves you a lot of time in handling and following up on your telephonic customer contacts. With Voice Summary, artificial intelligence converts a recorded conversation into a transcribed interview in seconds and generates a summary that is automatically sent to the customer with the audio file. This saves time by eliminating the need to manually transcribe and summarise the text. Your customers receive these ready-to-go files by email.

You will be able to help customers better and faster

Another important benefit of working with Voice Summary is that you can help customers more quickly. With Voice Summary, the customer receives an email summary of what was discussed after each contact moment. This ensures clear communication between both parties and a satisfied customer. Everyone benefits from being able to read back what was discussed during the call. For example, you can easily identify areas for improvement or compliments and act on them.

Improve your customer contact with Voice Summary

Curious about the possibilities and considering implementing Voice Summary in your organisation? Would you like to optimise the customer contact in your customer service department? Then get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help!

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