Customer Contact

Optimal customer contact with our contact solutions

Today, customers expect the best service, and they are willing to spend more to get it. In fact, it seems that more than 33% of customers would consider switching to a competitor after just one incident.

This means you need to ensure optimal customer contact during the contact between your organisation and your customers. In other words, you need to provide optimal customer experience (CX). At that point, the customer service team is one of the most important links in facilitating customer experience, as they are, among other things, the ones who speak to and help your customers. But how do you ensure optimal customer experience between customer contact and customer service?

We offer a number of customer contact solutions. We take you through:

Phone System

Looking for a telephone system that allows you to work from home? A system that can scale up and down flexibly to suit your needs? The Pegamento Phone System offers this and more!

It is a complete cloud solution suitable for:

  • Small and large environments, up to more than 10 000 devices
  • One or more locations
  • Use with fixed phones, softphones, fixed-mobile integration

Contact Centre

Generating optimal customer experience is not that easy yet. This is especially true with the emerging trends around customer contact, namely that customers no longer like waiting and the increase in the number of contact channels through which customers contact the organisation.

How can your customer service employees facilitate all this while remaining accessible to everyone without losing oversight? This is possible with our Contact Centre solution.

Video Assistant

From 'I hear what you say' to 'I see what you mean'. Or seeing is believing. When your customer service team is talking to one of your customers by phone or chat, there is sometimes a grey area in verbal communication. What is your customer actually talking about?

We introduce Video Assistant. This solution enables employees to look along with customers on site via their mobile phones. In this way, we add eyes to a telephone or chat conversation, minimising verbal confusion and enabling problems to be identified, analysed, and resolved faster. Curious? Read more about Video Assistant!

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