Employee Connect


When your organisation hires new employees and they install Apptime, the Onboarding module provides information about the new employee's first days.

Where should I be? When should I be there? Who can I contact if I have questions? The module is linked to Google Maps and to your mobile calendar, and there is also an option to call the contact person directly from the module.

This module ensures a smooth first week for new employees.


  • New employees are briefed immediately and no longer have to figure things out for themselves on their first working day.
  • Providing all information directly via Apptime from day one prevents misunderstandings and, as this provides a warm introduction, it ensures continued use of the app.
  • Information can be provided, for example, on all days of the first working week (or longer) and the app will thus help prevent early drop-outs.
  • The design is customisable, as shown here.

Want to know more about Employee Connect?

In this white paper, we discuss in detail how you can communicate with your employees at home. Download it for free!

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