Employee Connect

Mobile intranet

Within this module, you can choose to whom (entire company/branch/department/project) you want to send the news. Employees then have the option to comment on the relevant post or to like/dislike the post.

In addition, this module gives you the possibility to post YouTube or Vimeo videos.

In this module, your organisation communicates the latest news to employees


  • News items are often communicated to all employees in various ways (mail/intranet/physical). Using this module of Employee Connect, however, your organisation can communicate with every employee in a uniform way.
  • Via this module, employees receive only the information that is important to and necessary for them.
  • When you send targeted information to employees, it appears that employees are more likely to read the news items (since they are relevant).
  • Employees feel more engaged as a result of being able to post a reaction to a specific news item.
  • Important documents are accessible 24/7 - also on mobile - via the Library module.

Examples of (general) information

  • House rules
  • Collective labour agreement
  • Project information
  • Dress code
  • Database documents


  • Information sources are no longer scattered. All (important) information is available in a single overview and is accessible 24/7.
  • Information from various employment agencies (e.g. the procedure in case of illness is different for each agency) is easy to retrieve, so these questions are not addressed to the team leader/HR.

This module displays (general) information, which you and your organisation can upload to the app 

Want to know more about Employee Connect?

In this white paper, we discuss in detail how you can communicate with your employees at home. Download it for free!

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