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Reduce employee workload with our management products and control technology RPA

Satisfied employees are worth their weight in gold. Not only for the growth of your business, but also for productivity, work performance, and the atmosphere at work. Reducing employee workload by deploying RPA and management products can be useful in this context.

When you deploy RPA - a piece of software that takes over routine tasks quickly, continuously and without errors - employees no longer need to spend valuable time on repetitive administration. This allows them to pay more attention to targeted and personal contact with customers and their real problems.

In addition to reducing their workload, engaging with your employees and keeping them informed is also important. Our solution Employee Connect updates employees quickly and specifically about everything that is relevant to keeping them functioning optimally and to keeping them committed to your organisation. This ranges from news items, contact details and work schedules - including a mutual shift exchange function - to statistics on performance and surveys in which they can give their opinions. With this solution, you limit employee turnover and avoid the mistakes that occur when information does not reach employees or reaches them too late.

In practice

Growth through optimisation for Milgro

All tasks conveniently presented in a Task Manager. Categorised, routed, and provided with all necessary information.

Better service delivery by the municipality of Amsterdam

Robotising processes to assist citizens quicker and with fewer errors.

Loyalty platform for AkzoNobel

A platform that handles all quotes, orders, and payments on behalf of painters.

Our solutions


Motivate, inform, and recognise employees more efficiently

View our Employee Connect


Oversight of tasks, processes, and customer data

A single platform, ready for use with Process Assistant


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Software that takes routine tasks off employees' hands quickly, continuously, and without errors

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