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Optimal customer contact with contact centre technology and speech analytics

Today, customers expect the best service, and they are willing to spend more to get it. To provide good service, you need to listen attentively. And this means not just listening, but really understanding what your customer is saying. This is the only way to discover what the customer truly needs. So how do you ensure the optimal customer experience?

With our cloud telephony solution, the Pegamento Phone System, you are accessible to your customers anytime, anywhere. With Phone System, you can regulate incoming calls via various functionalities. These include, for example, selection menus, call queues, voicemails, call recording, and call forwarding. You can also address callers in the right language based on their location. In this way, you are always assured that the right employee is linked to the right customer query.

An emerging trend around customer contact is the increase in the number of contact channels through which customers contact an organisation. The chances of your customer service representatives overlooking an important message are high. To prevent that from happening, Pegamento Contact Centre is the go-to application. It is the ideal platform to set up communication with your customers properly and efficiently.

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