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Let artificial intelligence do the difficult thinking work

Artificial Intelligence is mainly used to support employees and to help them work more efficiently. Time-consuming and manual tasks are taken over, leaving more time for important tasks and personal contact. A smart AI system can make predictions in various forms, such as identifying the essence of a customer question, the emotional mood of the customer, how important a task is to you or to your customer, the potential value of a new purchase, or how to place a container most efficiently.

Mail traffic provides a great example of a situation where artificial intelligence adds value. Many organisations and companies receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails every day. These could be from customers requesting returns, job applicants emailing their CVs, employees requesting leave, and so on. Each email requires a quick and correct response, but reading, routing, and answering all these emails costs a lot of time and money.

The Pegamento Mail Assistant can analyse a situation (e.g. an email) within seconds and suggest the best answer based on training. This allows an employee to act faster, or it may even eliminate the need to dedicate an employee to answering emails, for example. This ensures a quicker and more efficient way of working.

In practice

Knowledge in the right place at Mediq

Employees provided with the right information via a user-friendly knowledge management system.

Growth through optimisation for Milgro

Automation of back office processes and incoming communication using Artificial Intelligence.

Our solutions


A proprietary knowledge base that answers all customer queries quickly and efficiently

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Automate mail traffic using smart templates

The Pegamento Mail Assistant knows what the emails are about


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Analyse data from one or more tables, snippets of text, speech, or images

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