Innovation in contact by seeing


New insights with image recognition and computer vision

Process optimisation, quality controls, a reduction in employee costs, and optimal customer contact by being able to see more. These are some of the many benefits you can gain from having an extra pair of eyes within your company. But where do those extra eyes come from?

Image recognition. With image recognition, it is possible to interpret useful data from pixels of, for example, photos or videos. Image recognition is the extra eye, applicable within any sector. For example, smart cameras can detect the vitamin D intensity from a Lateral Flow Indicator, detect physical discomfort in animals, track road surface wear, or track inventory in warehouses.

We also provide an extra pair of eyes in the world of customer contact. We do this by means of the Video Assistant. This solution enables employees to watch along with the customer on site. We add eyes to a telephone or chat conversation, minimising misunderstandings and enabling problems to be identified, analysed, and resolved more quickly.

In practice

Safety through image recognition

Custom software that detects cars, bicycles, and pedestrians on bridges and roads using AI

Delicious breads by looking

Quality controls and process optimisation at Bakkerij Amstelveld

The power of image recognition in your hands

A driving fish thanks to image recognition on a smartphone with 5G

Our solutions


Add eyes to a telephone conversation

View our Video Assistant


Image recognition with Computer Vision

Recognise patterns, data sets, objects and their status

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