Pegamento wins British award for best Robot Driven Process Automation

Pegamento has won the Corporate Excellence Award in the 'Provider of most customer-focused RPA solutions' category from UK magazine Corporate Vision. Pegamento is a Dutch specialist in Robot Driven Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). Never before has a Dutch company won this award.

We at Pegamento focus on, among other things, optimally automating customer contacts. And Pegamento's RPA software has now been  recognised with the Corporate Excellence Award for the best customer-centric IT solution.

Pegamento has also been deploying this innovative technology for several years for holiday parks and other companies in the tourism industry. "Of course we are pleasantly surprised by this international recognition of our work," says Pegamento director Serge Poppes. "Robotisation and AI can really add value to companies' services, but only if the processes required for this are also set up properly. Then it results in a win-win situation for consumers and businesses."

AI for the digitisation of SMEs

We see this award as an incentive to push ahead with our ambitions. One of these is to apply artificial intelligence in SMEs. "It is still often thought that AI is only attainable and affordable for large industrial companies and multinationals. But SMEs can also make a digitisation leap with these types of innovative IT solutions," according to Poppes.

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