New insights with image recognition, computer vision, text to speech an emotion detection

Recognize the state of patterns, daasets and object

By using image recognition with computer vision

Give phone calls eyes

Remote assistance wherever you are with Video Assistant


Optimal customer contact with contact center technology and speech analytics

Efficient and good communication with your custoemrs

One place for all your contact moments with our Contact Center

Always available for a fixed price per month

View the benefits of Phone System


Let artificial intelligence do the hard thinking for you

A proprietary knowledge base that answers all customer questions quickly and to the point

All knowledge in one place with our Knowledge Base

Smart help in processing your mail traffic

Our solution Mail Assistant knows what the emails are about


Reduce employee workload with our management products and control technology RPA

Motivate, inform, and recognize employees more efficiently

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Oversight of tasks, processes, and customer data

A single platform, ready to use with Process Assistant

Image recognition in the food industry

The most delicious breads through seeing by Bakkerij Amstelveld.

Robotization in insurance

Automation of work processes at Achmea by doing.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

Klantcase Mediq

Better care and faster processing at Mediq by thinking.

Easier and smarter contact for and by professionals with

Brief practical examples

Here are some brief practical examples to give you a better idea of what Pegamento can deliver:

Faster processing of study-related questions through Artificial Intelligence

The LOI wanted to modernise their ICT related to customer contact and was considering robotisation. Their question: "With a growing number of courses and many new employees, how can we help our students better, faster, and more uniformly?"

With Integral Customer View, we brought all customer information together in one clear interface and system: EZblue. Some special challenges: allowing employees to see directly into the student's own study portal in a GDPR-proof way and a link with PostNL's track-and-trace code to be able to answer questions about the shipment of study materials directly. We then structured the workflow in three clear steps: customer identification, request for help, and completion. Through this system, both new and existing students can expect a faster response/processing of their issue. Read more about this success story here.

A more enjoyable camping vacation through robotisation

Kennemer Duincampings is a modern leisure company. They have three large campsites, each with around 600-700 spots. They have a lot of customer contact via email, telephone, chat, and the website for reservations, changes, and various other types of questions. Especially during the high season, and in several languages, too. Moreover, there are many rotating interns and seasonal employees. Proper processing of all these communications takes quite some time, both for first-line and second-line staff.

Using the Pegamento AI Suite, we built a Task Manager. This is a robot, which recognises the intent of an incoming call or message in multiple languages and automatically suggests a response to the 1st-line employee. Through a link with the back office reservation system, the employee gets a complete customer view with all available customer information on the screen. Communication is thus processed faster, better, and more efficiently. Read more about this success story here.

The result? More time and resources to devote to creating an enjoyable experience at the campsite!

Quicker answers to customer questions through robotisation

Achmea's customer service department handles around two million personal customer contacts a year. To fulfil their growth ambitions, this personal contact requires automation that supports the employees in the right way. "A good contact is often spoiled by a bad system," it was said in one of the first conversations.

Achmea uses several systems that are deeply embedded in the organisation. Quick and flexible adjustments are not always easy in such an environment. Our RPA solution has changed that. A flexible framework automates some of the manual work, allowing employees to help customers much faster, while software robots do the boring routine work. The result: Faster processing of customer questions or issues. Read more about this success story here.

Pegamento the sensory business

Pegamento is home to diverse talents. Because these can be broad, it is difficult to give them a label. This is why Pegamento talks about senses. Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. With the epicentre of these senses being: the brain. Each sense stands for a skill/application with which Pegamento has completed a successful project. Want to know more about how Pegamento uses its senses and which senses stand for skills/specialties? Then read more here:

More information about how your business can implement RPA?

Our success stories in senses

  • Bakkerij amstelveld

  • Municipality of Amsterdam

  • Milgro

  • Studio SPÉS

Bakkerij Amstelveld sees.

By using cameras to see, Pegamento ensures the most delicious breads. By using a camera or several cameras at tactical locations in a production or logistics process, it is possible to use vision techniques to determine whether anything abnormal is visible. As a result, potential problems can be prevented at an early stage or immediate action can be taken. Read more about this success story here.

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I want to know more about...

Artificial Intelligence - what is that?

AI stands for artificial intelligence. It is a smart technology in which computers apply human intelligence to perform tasks independently. An AI robot is self-learning and therefore gets better and better at its tasks. For example, it can learn to answer frequently asked questions quickly and properly (possibly via a chatbot), or to process your email traffic effectively and automatically. If you combine the intelligence of AI with RPA, you have an enormously powerful tool on your hands to improve your corporate processes in a groundbreaking way. You can read more about AI here.

Robotisation - what is that?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. A robot? Yes, but not with human characteristics. Here we are talking about a computer robot: a piece of software that takes routine tasks out of the hands of employees quickly, continuously, and without errors. With RPA, for example, you instantly have all tenant data from different systems together in one overview.

Or it can handle your maintenance repairs, from notification to execution and invoicing, automatically. This way, employees do not lose valuable time on research or recurring administration and can spend much more time on targeted and personal contact with customers and their real questions. Find out more about RPA here.

Image recognition - what is that?

Image recognition refers to the ability to recognise objects or patterns in images. This ranges from reading the objects or patterns in barcodes to recognising faces or even people's facial expressions.

Image recognition (Computer Vision) is already widely used for purposes such as number plate recognition, face recognition, and QR code scanning. Nowadays, it is possible to integrate image recognition into all kinds of applications to extract useful information from a camera or images. Want to know more about image recognition? Then read more here.

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