Creating the workplace for professionals

For future-oriented contact management between human and human, human and machine, and human and organisation, it is necessary to create a digital workplace that suits your organisation. A digital workplace that allows your employees to be the professionals they want to be. Where customers feel important and are helped on their way in a personal manner. Where everyone can collaborate seamlessly from any location. Where the result is customer contact and process control with the perfect balance between the human touch and professional goals.

Pegamento offers the ultimate total concept for managing contacts and processes and for innovations in this respect. The tools vary, but the basic principles are always the same: optimal overview, future-proof, user-friendly. In all cases, there is improved productivity, increased customer and employee satisfaction, and new dimensions in the relationship with customers, colleagues and business partners. Contact easily becomes more intelligent and therefore more valuable for all involved.

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The 6 components of WorkplaceX

Depending on the requirements, WorkplaceX combines artificial intelligence and applications for data mining, image and audio communication, automation, workflow management, robotisation, user interfaces, and business intelligence. These come together in an innovative working environment that facilitates all forms of contact and fits the client's specific situation.

Artificial Intelligence

The ability of a system to correctly interpret external data, to learn from this data, and to use these lessons to achieve specific goals and tasks through flexible adaptation.


Performing simple and repetitive work faster, cheaper, with fewer errors and 24/7 by means of a piece of software. This leaves time for people to perform more complex and valuable work.

Business Intelligence

Collecting and analysing business data and business intelligence. These large quantities of data are converted into actionable information for you to gain optimal insight and make any follow-up decisions.


Organising, modelling, controlling, and analysing information flows within organisations - to optimise business processes and help customers in a better, faster, and more customer-friendly way.


The modern consumer expects to be able to interact with your company at any time of the day, via any possible channel. This means you need a way to manage all customer contact moments via different channels in one clear overview. This is about contact with the organisation and communication about the organisation.


Digital interfaces have become important touch points these days, and therefore it is important that they perfectly match the expectations of the customer or user. Appropriate design and enhanced user experience help both your customers and your employees.

Proven track records

  • Bakkerij Amstelveld
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • Municipality of Amsterdam

Perfectly baked breads with Computer Vision

By using cameras to see, Pegamento ensures the most delicious breads. By using a camera or several cameras at tactical locations in a production or logistics process, it is possible to use vision techniques to determine whether anything abnormal is visible. As a result, potential problems can be prevented at an early stage or immediate action can be taken. You can read more about this success story here.

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