Denise Verhoef – Software Developer

Denise Verhoef - Software Developer

As a programmer, you do a lot of hearing, but also thinking, for example when you are tasked with assembling a customer requirement. If the customer wants a function for their application, it is important that, as a programmer, you think carefully about which functions are functional and which are not. That way, you will create the most functional application possible, and the customer will have a good end product. Turning needs into code and then into functionality is something I find interesting.

I am currently doing an internship at Pegamento and studying Software Development. I receive a lot of information that I have to process and apply. The nice thing about this is that you can learn new things and also that you can experience what it's like in the real business world. I started this programme last year and knew nothing about programming beforehand. Now I can figure some things out for myself with programming and I enjoy the work. The fact that you can go from a blank page to a functional application through code is awesome!

This piece was written by Denise Verhoef, Software Developer Intern at Pegamento.

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