Ernst Vegter – Business consultant

Ernst Vegter - Business Consultant 

Hospitality is one of my deepest motivations.
Not surprisingly, customer service is a common thread in my career. Aspects of hospitality include being able to connect, to facilitate, and mainly to make someone feel genuinely welcome. My intuition is my greatest asset in being able to put myself in the place of a guest's momentum and experience. A customer is my guest.

Fuelled by various senses, an image forms around the customer. I listen to what is said, watch facial expressions, sense the underlying tone, and get a feel for the challenge to be tackled. An image then forms on my retina. I have to be able to see it. If I can see it, I can create it.

Here the art is to pursue simplicity and to give the customer a feeling that the problem is understood, that they are receiving good advice, and that they will be facilitated and carefully guided to the solution. Trust, connect, and alleviate.

It's the feeling when a guest arrives at your hotel after a long, tiring journey and can sit in front of the fireplace, be handed a good glass of wine, and stare carefree at the fire. My guest knows it will be fine.

This piece was written by Ernst Vegter, Business Consultant at Pegamento.

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