Hassaan – Computer Vision Engineer

Hassaan - Computer Vision Engineer

Constantly involved in deep learning with computer vision, it is always fascinating to see the fine details that need to be attended to to resolve a task for the client. It is stepping into a space where you are using visual input and converting it to relevant information for the network to process. Designing, adjusting, and creating different layers in an architecture to adjust to your use case.

Training with relevant data to help it learn and eventually deploy it and let it do its magic. A piece of art on it's own where the lines of code are not written to solve a task like other sub-fields of AI but to design and instil knowledge into a network that would do it better than any written algorithm will on its own.

The work involves understanding your clients' needs, finding patterns, gathering data, training the network as you would a young human mind and then witnessing the unforeseen, effortless solutions willed into existence.

This piece was written by Hassaan, working as a Computer Vision Engineer developing product solutions for our clients at Pegamento.

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