Jeroen Boerkamp – Solution Developer

Jeroen Boerkamp - Solution Developer

Seeing is very important to me. Because of the strength of my glasses, I notice the difference between being able to see well and not being able to see well. Recognising something or someone without glasses is sometimes very difficult.

There is now a department at Pegamento that deals with image recognition: the Vision department. Is there nothing present on the bridge anymore, or is that sandwich there on the conveyor belt of the right size?

What I don't think they are working on yet is a golf ball tracking system. Golf is a sport I enjoy, but my eyesight makes tracking the ball very difficult (yes, my golf handicap is high). Tracking the ball with GPS seems handy, but can such a tracker withstand a big hit? And what if such a tracked ball falls into the water? Perhaps I'd better go ask my colleagues.

This piece was written by Jeroen Boerkamp, Solution Developer at Pegamento.

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