Pim Ritmeijer – Software Developer

Pim Ritmeijer - Software Developer

Programming involves more than just churning out code. For me, listening to what the customer wants and visualising it is an important part of software development.

Actively listening to a customer to understand their full story is crucial before you start building a solution. When you understand a customer's story, you can work together on a solution that really helps the customer.

Visualising solutions is the next step for me. What route will we take to arrive at a solution? What challenges are we going to face along the way?

As with any journey, good preparation is valuable. Despite the fact that you cannot prepare for everything, preparation helps to ensure that the application matches the client's needs as closely as possible.
What a wonderful and fascinating profession programming is.

This piece was written by Pim Ritmeijer, Software Developer at Pegamento.

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