Reinier Dekker – Software Developer

Reinier Dekker - Software Developer

As a solution developer, you are not only creating solutions on a technical level, but also ensuring that they add something functional to the product. You work with colleagues and the customer to set up a complete and working system.

In a nutshell, this is how I work when I hear new wishes: interpret what exactly the requirement is, convert it into a technical solution, translate this solution into something functional, and check whether this adds something useful and whether it is beneficial to the customer. When carrying out these steps, you are combining technical knowledge with collaboration with the customer.

It is that extra bit of effort you have to put in to make sure the solution you create really adds something to the overall product that is important to me.

I derive energy from using technical knowledge to advise customers so that we can come up with a useful solution together.

This piece was written by Reinier, Software Developer at Pegamento.

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